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Grow revenue provides a doctor-branded eCommerce site to sell supplements and other health products helping doctors to engage with their patients, provide a positive patient buying experience, and grow practice revenue.

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Schedule a call with our ecommerce specialist and we'll get your store set up. helps foster a doctor’s influence in helping their patients make decisions about their health and lifestyle.


The Problem

Consumers are often confused by the complexity of nutrition, vitamins, and supplements as they strive to gain awareness and be proactive in their own health.


The Effect

More consumers seek out a “trusted advisor” to consult with about their confusing healthcare choices, often times a doctor or wellness professional.


The Solution has designed a solution that supports the relationship between doctor and patient and builds the doctor’s brand to enable that trusted guidance.

Doctors lose revenue due to a poor patient buying experience over time, a lack of ongoing product education, and buying models that turn over their patient to product distributors.

Value Loss
  • Health practitioners recommend limited supplements but don’t get compensated for driving sales
  • Potential revenue for the doctor/influencer is not captured due to low conversion and high churn with current models
  • Inconvenient and difficult sales process for patients reduces purchases from doctors in office
Confusing Decisions
  • Paradox of choice between 10’s of 1000’s of supplement products
  • Patients do not retain instructions on product usage causing follow up conversations for staff to reiterate product purpose and usage
  • Bad, misleading and dangerous products are often the cheapest available
Limited Scalability
  • Practitioners limited to single source or limited product offering when having to inventory products
  • Running a retail business in addition to core practice is distracting and takes focus away from primary business
  • Limited ability to monitor/communicate outside of office and capture refill purchases provides you with a powerful product that amplifies your brand, manages distribution and customer service, and educates patients about the landscape.


No Costs, No Inventory

All costs are absorbed by GetHealthy and our eCommerce model eliminates the need for in-office inventory providing a low risk and high value opportunity to create a recurring revenue stream.


Best Products

Supplements from major doctor-grade manufacturers and other wellness products.


Turnkey, Branded Solution

The eCommerce technology, eCommerce marketing and merchandising, and fulfillment operations are managed by GeHealthy including payment processing, shipping, returns, customer service and content marketing to patients

Features of the platform include:

Ecommerce Store

You get an ecommerce website with your branding and colors.

No Physical Inventory

You don't need space to house physical inventory, nor do you have to deal with expirations and damaged product. 

Payment Processing

We handle your patient's payments and deposit your revenue monthly.

Order Fulfillment 

We manage packing, shipping, and delivery of each order.

Patient Support and Returns

We handle all product returns and customer support issues with your patients.

Marketing support

We give you your store and logo on pre-printed cards to disperse in your office and allow up to 2 monthly emails that we can send directly out to your database.

Automated Price Management

Our system monitors prices in the market to ensure your prices are competitive.


Get a deeper view into patient adherence with our analytics.

Hosting & Maintenance

Website hosting and maintenance so you don't have to worry about site upkeep.

Product Bundling

We allow you to bundle products for a particular protocol for a specific condition

Benefits for your Patients

Better Outcomes

A curated store with high quality manufacturers and products to drive better efficacy.


A single location to purchase products once patients leave your office.

Customer Service

Product information on all products is at patients’ fingertips instead of having to call in to office support staff.

Product Breadth

Provide a great source for high quality, basic vitamins for entire family in addition to specialized supplements.

Competitive Prices

We ensure prices are competitive when these products are sold elsewhere through our competitive pricing analysis.

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Select products from our catalog of the highest quality vitamins, supplements, and herbs.

Choose from over 100s of products across multiple suppliers. We only source manufacturers that produce proprietary formulations based upon primary research from staff MDs.

Make product recommendations to patients during consultations. They purchase directly from your store. 

When you make recommendations, your patients can make a purchase right at your office. Patients can shop your entire product line and other products to add subscriptions which maximizes your shop’s impact.

Avoid all the hassle and get paid for the products you sell.

You get payouts each month for the products you sell. We handle inventory, shipping, returns and customer service. You get a dedicated support and help with any updates. 


Our Commitment to Quality

We curate top manufacturers who provide doctor-grade supplements backed by research and studies. 

We provide clarity about the manufacturers from which we source our products, and the quality processes they undertake to ensure their products are the highest grade possible.

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Doctors lose revenue due to a poor patient buying experience over time, a lack of ongoing product education and buying models that turn over their patient to product distributors.

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